Swing, Miss
Faryal. 20. Artist. Main.

Soooo I have a class that we have to do presentations on artwork for, but she specified it has to be in an actual art collection and be old and recognized and stuff. Which is so lame because I want to present my very favourite artist, yoooouuuu. Not even an exaggeration. Stupid design class teacher lady.
- thisurlwillruinsaveyourlife

Alison, you are the sweetest and I love you so much.

I am simply in love with your blog. This isn't a question, I am aware; however, it needed to be said. Keep on doin what your doin!
- maddymafia16

Oh my god thank you so much <3333

How did I never know about this blog??? Dude you art so good (understatement)! Hardcore! (And I legit still get awed admiration over your Marauder's Map on my wall)
- mallflower

Thank you so much jluhfisfiusdhvish I love you 
And I really miss you,too. Like wtf is that about?

with what website/page/programm etc. are you making gifs? y
- Anonymous

Photoshop cs6. I only recently learned how to make them.

My professor gave me an A and said my assignment was “lovely but menacing.”

I am so pleased with this assessment.